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St Mary’s go for 4th Green School’s Flag for Travel


Green School’s Notice May 2022: Travel

As you are aware, St. Mary’s NS has been successfully engaged in An Taisce’s Green-Schools programme for many years. We are extremely proud of all our achievements to date! 

We are currently working towards our 4th flag for Travel.

Both our Fourth Classes are currently undertaking a ‘Cycle Right’ course.  They are learning and using the safety skills needed for cycling on our roads.  

Our Third classes will also have a day of Cycle Safety workshops.  It will cover some basic safety skills and reinforce these skills through fun by playing some games in the yard.

For the months of May and June the Green School’s Committee are promoting a new Campaign, Walk on Wednesday.  We encourage as many children and adults as possible to take part.  

(Remember, safety first, always have an adult or someone responsible with you when you walk to school.)

Thank you all for your support.

The Green School’s Committee

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