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Evolving Situation, March 24th 2020


Dear parents / guardians,

I hope this email finds you well given the circumstances and coping with the current level of restrictions.  I am aware, though,  that many people are going through very complicated and stressful situations to do with work and trying to look after family members.  

The teachers of St. Mary’s NS will continue to keep in touch with their classes and parents over the coming weeks.  As a staff we are trying to strike a balance of providing some work for children to do at home and not ask too much of parents / guardians.  We are aware that some families still have two parents going out to work, that some have several children in the house and that others have limited access to computers, printers and WiFi.    This is a new experience for everyone and we will continue to review how we are dealing with it.  Any stimulating activities you do at all will keep your children’s spirits up, it doesn’t matter if they are academic or not.  The priority for everyone at the moment is to keep healthy both in body and mind.  

You will have heard the expression “an evolving situation” a thousand times over the past number of weeks, and that’s exactly what it is. We will do our best to adapt to it and keep in communication with you. 

The school email will be checked daily and there is a new school mobile phone if you need to contact us in an emergency.  The number is 0873768510.  


Pádhraic Moran


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