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Active School Week at St Mary’s N.S. 2018

Pupil Versus Staff Football Match

St Mary’s participated in Active School Week from April 23rd – April 27th, with an extra day added (tomorrow April 30th) as a result of poor weather conditions last Monday. The focus of our ASW programme was on FUN and PARTICIPATION. It’s an ideal opportunity to introduce young people and their families to new ways of being active, both during the school day and in the local community. All children were encouraged to join in team sports from Infants upwards and praise and encouragement were given at every opportunity. 

Each morning began with exercises in the line, energising the children for.day. Activities were organised every lunch time. Activities included Soccer, Gaelic, Unihoc, basketball, dancing, jogging, skipping, French skipping, penalty shootouts, playing with beanbags, hula hoops and walking. Throughout the day ‘The Macarena’ and ‘Cha Cha Slide’ were randomly played over the intercom and the whole school was encouraged to ‘Drop Everything And Dance’. The Children were also ecstatic to hear that all written homework was being replaced by ‘Active Homework’ for the week.

The match of the week had to be the Teachers Versus Pupils football match to end Active Schools Week. The match was fiercely contested at times but despite the best efforts of the children, the teachers came out winners 4 – 0. Well done to all who participated.

Overall, Active School Week was a complete success. The weeks events were thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils and staff.


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